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We use two principle software packages to process and manage data associated with our activities. These are:

TERRAMODEL by Trimble Engineering & Construction Division.

The software is fully supported under agreement with Software Supplies in conjunction with Trimble to provide full technical support & the latest upgrades.

Modules currently owned -

CAD - Provides full CAD functionality.

COGO - Advanced coordinate geometry commands used in surveying & site design.

CONTOUR - Creates contours from 3D data points with a variety of options for both smoothness & spline types.

GEOCAP - Translates raw field traverse information from Geodimeter data collectors into a variety of formats and provides bi-directional transfer of information between Terramodel and the data collectors.

SITE DESIGN - Includes sophisticated terrain modelling for original and design Dtms, projects one terrain model onto another, merges two terrain models into a composite model, computes surface areas, volumes between Dtms and performs earthworks and basic roadway design.

Screenshot of Terramodel

TERRAVISTA LITE - This is a project visualisation tool that displays a project as a three-dimensional (3-D) model. The model can be displayed in a variety of ways; it can also be viewed from any direction as well as the facility to 'fly through'. The resulting displays can be captured and printed if required.


SONAR 2000 by L M Technical Services.

Screenshot of Sonar 2000

This software is designed to process data collected by the Sonarlite echo sounder system together with associated data collected by a robotic total station or GPS system. The echo sounder collects depth data with respect to time, while the total station or GPS system collects positional data with respect to time. The two sets of data are merged by the software to produce 3D data for the surveyed surface.

The resulting data can be viewed and edited prior to exporting in one of the following file formats -

  • Geotronics ARE format.
  • ASCII data format.
  • XYZ format.
  • DXF data format for CAD/DTP packages.

These files are intended for processing and display by other software, which in our case would be Terramodel.


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